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I’m gonna do it

I’m gonna teach myself Dutch

Let’s do this

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For anyone not familiar with how modern country sounds, these girls are calling out ACTUAL songs like making blatant references to ACTUAL lyrics from other songs on the radio.


One of the reasons I stopped listening to country was, when I was a kid, the radio was full of songs by women and songs that talked about women like they were actual people.

Now so many of the songs dont give women a personality, just describe things about them like their legs, their lips, how they look in your truck. Its just SO much objectification.

My sister just showed me this and its ADSFHASDFKLLKFH she even said she heard it on the radio im so happy

"I aint your tan legged juliet" IM SCREECHING

I might be in love please send help

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this is still the best story ever told at a talk show

My favorite

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Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.

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everyone check your music apparently the new U2 album downloaded onto everyone’s iPhone hahhah I’m dying



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I’m not entirely sure why I felt it necessary to make this at two in the morning either.

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The Maze Runner opens in my country tomorrow and because I live in Singapore, the reviews of the movie here focus not on Thomas or Teresa but on the Asian character Minho and how he is portrayed to be a “strong, positive character” that is “free of stereotyping”. He “speaks without a ching-chong Asian accent, is not the comical foreigner, sinister force, kickboxer or a prop that adds to exoticism”. The cast is also praised to be feel properly multi-racial and multi-cultural.

And that’s what I feel is so important?? I picked up the entertainment segment of today’s newspaper wholly expecting a report on Dylan and his great acting and a bit about Teen Wolf and all but instead this was a pleasant surprise. I’m so glad the media here recognises as what it is. It doesn’t attempt to liken it to The Hunger Games or any other YA dystopian like I’ve seen other interviewers do, but instead focus on the diversity Wes brings to the screen, and how refreshing it is to see a character that feels real, instead of one that was made up by a writer who knew little about the culture, and who was just trying tick checkboxes on what he thought defined an Asian. I’m sick of media portraying my people to be the bad guy, being the weaker one to the supposedly superior white race or even being the comic relief by speaking broken English.

The book was and still is something very special to me and many others, and I’ll always be grateful that Wes has done such a great job of bringing this gem to life. It truly is one of the joys of being a book fan, seeing the whole process of it, from the announcement of the cast to the filming days to the promotional and press tours and movie reviews, and finally seeing it on the big screen :’)

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"Now let me dispel a few rumours so they don’t fester into facts. Yes, I too attended at ‘Hell-ton’ and survived. And no, at that time I was not the mental giant you see before you. I was the intellectual equivalent of a 98 pound weakling. I would go to the beach and people would kick copies of Byron in my face."

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Happy 27th Birthday Tyler Lee Hoechlin!

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