22 7 / 2014

22 7 / 2014

  • 1: this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
  • 1: here read it

21 7 / 2014

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21 7 / 2014

My family was trying to wake me up, so they decided to blast the Frozen soundtrack outside my room

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This is why you should have a cat y’all. Egyptians believed that cats repelled evil spirits.

Cats are evil spirits. They’re just the strongest so all others must bow to their greatness.

Actually according to legend, cats are guardians of the Underworld. So once you are dead if you try to sneak back into the land of the living they send you back where you came from. They protect the living from the dead.

If you ever wonder why a cat stares off into the wild blue yonder and then bolts off for “no reason…”

That cat even looks like it’s accusing him of something like wait a Fucking minute here are you dead did you really think you could slip that shit passed me

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Brb moving to Giethoorn

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21 7 / 2014

Dylan O’Brien at Giffoni 

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So I heard that there might be a teen wolf convention in Orlando… It’s my time to shine